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      • ajit-rasiah


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        Hi, I was diagnosed with GBS in January 2021 with unusually eye and voice symptoms developing in May/June 2021 (when the rest of my symptoms were improving). I am the patient that the Wellington neurology team consulted Dr Parry about when these additional symptoms developed.
        Now those symptoms and the original GBS symptoms have very much improved and I am expecting to be discharged to my Wellington home in 2-3 weeks.
        I wish to ask what would be the best time to have the Covid vaccine: (a) 12 months from initial symptoms i.e. Jan 2022; (b) 12 months from the last symptoms with eyes and voice i.e. May/June 2022; or (c) any time from now i.e. < 12 months from initial symptoms.
        Thank you
        Ajit Rasiah

      • Gareth Parry


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        The recommendation is that you should not have any vaccinations (not just COVID) for 12 months from the initial onset of you symptoms. Gareth

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