Help Us

The Group is nothing without your support and assistance. Become a member, perhaps volunteer to help with the running of the Group either as part of the Executive team or organising informal Coffee and Chat gatherings in your area or even offer to take on a role of a trained Hospital Visitor or simply show your support and appreciation of the help you have received by making a donation to cover the cost of running the Group.

Join US

Show your support for the Group by swelling our membership ranks ( its free!) or share your worries and questions or personal experiences on our closed Facebook site and keep up to date with Group activities by reading our quarterly newsletter

Become A Hospital Visitor

A most important asset of the Group is its band of dedicated and trained Hospital Visitors who give freely of their time to bring comfort an hope to newly diagnosed GBS’ers and their families and carers.


We rely on donations from members and supporters to cover the operational cost of the group which is run by totally by unpaid volunteers all GBS survivors or members of their families or Carers