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      • patrick-tam


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        Can the Pfizer Anti Viral Medication, (not vaccine), be a trigger for GBS if the patient is NOT COVID POSITIVE? I tested NEGATIVE for Covid but was advised to take the Covid Anti Viral medication by my GP because someone in my household was Covid Positive. The day after taking the medication I became very ill and was rushed to ED by ambulance and diagnosed with GBS by the neurologist. Spent four weeks in ICU connected to support machines by a trachy and received a treatment of Immunoglobin IV.

      • Gareth Parry


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        Firstly, there are no reports of the antiviral medication triggering GBS. Secondly, there is nothing about the medication that would make me expect it to be able to trigger GBS. And, thirdly and most importantly, because GBS is an immune illness the disease doesn’t come on until 10-20 days after the triggering event whereas your GBS came on 24 hours after taking the medication. So we can be confident that in your case the medicationn did not trigger your GBS.

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