We’re the GBS Support Group

We support patients and survivors with GBS, CIDP and related neuropathies, such as Multifocal Motor Neurpathy (MMN), Miller Fisher (MF), Lewis Sumner Syndrome (LSS) and Anti-Mag, along with their supporters.

IVIG Change for CIDP and MMN Treatment

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What are the risks and how will this affect me? 

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Vaccination in GBS and CIDP – Should I get one?

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Can We Call or Visit You?

We can usually arrange for a GBS survivor to visit you and your family/carer in Hospital or at home.
We understand your worries and can answer questions based on our own experience.  Most importantly we are proof positive that recovery from where you are is realistic.

Be Inspired

Although the impact of contracting GBS can be very distressing for you the patient and your family and carers hope for a good recovery is at hand from the inspiring stories of GBS survivors who have fought back from the same situation (or worse) that you now find yourself in. See for yourself and read, or have read to you, their journey back to, or near to, normality.

Ask Our Expert Medical Board

Join Us

Show your support for the Group by swelling our membership ranks ( its free!) or share your worries and questions or personal experiences on our closed Facebook site and keep up to date with Group activities by reading our quarterly newsletter

Help Us

The Group is nothing without your support and assistance. Become a member, perhaps volunteer to help with the running of the Group either as part of the Executive team or organising informal Coffee and Chat gatherings in your area or even offer to take on a role of a trained Hospital Visitor or simply show your support and appreciation of the help you have received by making a donation to cover the cost of running the Group.

We rely on donations from members and supporters to cover the operational cost of the group.  The group is run by unpaid volunteers, all GBS survivors or members of their families or Carers.