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      • Jay


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        Hi, I’m struggling to receive any information with regards to general expectations on recovery for Miller Fisher. I realise there’s no way to individualise expectations but any info would be better than what I currently have. I was wondering:
        – what signs could I be looking for that things may be on the mend?
        – Would improvements be quite subtle?
        – Are there any sensations people tend to experience which could be a sign repair is underway?
        – Is it usual for the latest deteriorating symptom be one of the first to recover?
        – is it more common for MFS to affect one side of the body or would both sides be affected evenly,
        or both sides affected but in different ways?
        Thanks, Jay

      • Gareth Parry


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        Hi Jay: Let me address your last question first. Miller Fisher Syndrome (MFS) should only affect the eyes and perhaps a little bit the face and throat. When you ask whether it affects one side more than another I read that to mean that you have involvement of the limbs. If that is the case you don’t have MFS. Regular GBS can affect the face and eyes but MFS should not affect the limbs. Let’s leave it at that for now until you have come back with more detail on how your disease had affected you. That will give me more guidance on how to answer your other questions.

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