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      • annem


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        Thank you for being here.

        I have had ‘ME/CFS’ since 1984.

        I experienced a gastritis attack around 6 weeks ago – vomiting with some blood (just a little). I’ve experienced this kind of attack twice before in the past 12 years.

        This recent acute gastritis mostly resolved over the course of a week, but a few weeks after that I woke up with a sensation of numbness in my inner lower legs. The sensation has intensified to more burning,pins and needles stabbing like, but still with underlying numbness. It has spread to my feet and to my belly, arms, hands, upper back, neck and face. It is by far the worst in my legs and feet though.

        I am wondering of this sounds like it could be a flare up of GBS?
        In the early days of my ME diagnosis I had a lot of testing to try and excluse other conditions and results at that time included a weak positive ANA…in case that is relevant. 🙂

        I’d be so grateful if anyone can offer opinion on whether my current painful (!!) situation sounds like it could be GBS, and if so what I should do.


      • Gareth Parry


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        Hi Anne: This is a tough one. It is a lot easier to say what is not – it is not GBS. GBS causes weakness with only minimal sensory loss and, although pain can certainly occur, it does cause this kind of pain. There is a condition called sensory neuronopathy which can come on after an infection, assuming the gastritis was an infection, and that can look a little like this. Sensory neuronopathy can also occur with a condition called Sjogren’s syndrome which could be the only link I can think of to a positive ANA. It is early days yet, just 6 weeks, so at the moment I would recommend just treating the pain and seeing what happens over the next few weeks. If the symptoms persist or get worse referral to neurology for nerve conduction studies would seem to be the best option. Gareth

      • annem


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        Thank you so much Gareth. That’s very helpful.
        I’ll look into pain treatment options then see how things proceed.
        Have a lovely weekend.
        Anne (Wgtn).

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