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      • dawson


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        Hi thanks for the previous answer. I have 2 follow up questions, I work in the health sector and it is mandatory at this stage to be fully vaccinated.
        (I got GBS following my third vaccination).
        1. I have not had covid yet and I have not reentered work due to ongoing difficulties. Is there any risk of getting GBS again if I do get covid ( because of the spike proteins on the vaccine are the same as the virus) .
        2. Am I now exempt from further booster vaccines ( am concerned this will retrigger the GBS as well).
        I am very worried about this, as there is a very high risk of contracting the virus (as I work very close to patients)
        Thanks again

      • Gareth Parry


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        Tough questions. Medical care is always the fine art of bal;ancing risk against benefit. The problem for you is that any advice is given with a shortage of data on which to base it. A couple of points need to be made. First, you developed GBS following your 3rd COVID vaccine but that does not mean that the vaccine caused the GBS. It may have but the evidence that any of the COVID vaccines cause GBS is very sparse. Nonetheless, in my opinion, the risk of getting GBS if you have a further COVID vaccination, although tiny, probably outweighs any benefit that you would receive from getting further boosters since you are already well vaccinated. Exemption from vaccine mandates is a decision made by the MoH, not by any individual doctor but if I was asked for an opinion on your case I would recommend against having further boosters. The risk of getting GBS following COVID infection is also very low but there have been a number of GBS cases that have occurred within 6 weeks of getting COVID infection. There is no data to tell us whether having had GBS following COVID vaccination increases your risk of getting GBS if you get COVID. We can say that recurrent GBS is very rare, no matter what the initial trigger. One study from Israel showed no definite cases of recurrent GBS in those who had suffered GBS in the past following COVID vaccination. Hope that is clear.

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