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      • dawson


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        Hi I was Diagnosed with GBS by CHCH Hospital in FEB following my covid 19 booster (diagnosis possibly triggered by) , having a spinal fluid test and treated with IV immunoglobulin. My symptoms progressed from tingling and severe pain in arms and legs then moving to chest and back making it harder to breath . I had some muscle weakness and am seeing a physiotherapist.
        I have been improving but still have ongoing pain and some weakness
        My question is can you make a full recovery and what is a normal time frame.

      • Gareth Parry


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        Hi Dawson: Yes, one definitely can make a full recovery from GBS. About 70% of patients recover full strength although some people do notice persistent fatigue. Unfortunately, recovery can be slow, taking up to 2 years. Pain also improves, in most cases completely. You are very early in the recovery phase, just 3 months from the initial illness, so it is not surprising that you still have some weakness and pain. You had the correct treatment (IV immunoglobulin) and are continuing to get physoiotherapy treatment so you are doing everything right. Keep it up and I would expect that you will continue on the road to recovery, hopefully complete recovery.

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