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      • lorraine-brock


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        I have had a couple of falls lately and broken some bones in my wrist and thumb. My doctor has suggested I have an infusion of Aclasta to strengthen my bones.
        Having has GBS some years back, I would like to know if it is safe for me to have this.

        Also is the new Covid booster safe for GBS people to have.
        Thank you
        Lorraine Brock

      • Gareth Parry


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        Hi Lorraine: I apologise for the delay in responding. Shortly after you posted your question the website crashed and it has taken ages to get it fixed. Hopefully this will come through to you. Firstly, in regards to Aclasta, there is no known risk for it triggering another GBS attack. Pins and needles sensations may occur with the treatment but those symptoms do not reflect nerve damage so if your doctor recommends the treatment there is no neurological reason not to go ahead. Second, as far as the COVID booster is concerned, the risk of that triggering GBS is very small. With the Pfizer product, the one that is lmost always given in NZ, literally billions of doses have been given worldwide and there has been no increase in new GBS cases, nor in recurrence of GBS in those who have had it previously. There is a slight increase in the risk with the Astra-Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines, both of which are available here, so to keep your risk at a minimum perhaps it would be wise to avoid those. Regardless of which vaccine you use the benefit far outweighs the any tiny risk. It would be wise to disucss these recommendations with your GP. Apologies again for the delayed response. Gareth

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