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        I traveled to Bali and fell Ill on the flight home and have not been the same since. I was bitten by mosquitos 2 or 3 days before returning home. The first notable symptom was sharp stabbing in my toes however i brushed these off. Then nausea on the plane and urge to vomit with sore legs. 2 days home i developed a rash under arms raised and red but disappeared in 2 days. I thought may have been side effect to sleeping pill. For 2 to 3 weeks nausea remained. Then my right shoulder was in severe pain (excruciating) an injury had flared randomly. Then a week later i started to feel heavyness and numbness in my leg and arm and face mostly left however the right was masked in pain of my shoulder, accompanied by the most bizarre sensations down my spine and the top of my head, it felt open and exposed to cold and noise with intense ringing in my ears as well. I also felt tingles all over almost zaps hard to explain to anyone but nothing felt ever before. CTs were done and all normal and was diagnosed with migraines. I was happy until a day later and numb feeling went to my chest and throat (very scarey). GP told me stay home take migraine pills. I spent the next week scared for my life as i could not walk up any steps or hardly lift my legs, i found it very hard to breathe due to heavyness in chest, chewing was difficult and i was in the worst pain all over of my life. This did not fit migraines to me but I was too sick to communicate by this time and never made it back to a hospital or GP. Luckily i got through that week and started to progress as each week went by. Its now 4 and a half months on and i still feel residual things such as heavyness in my limbs, ringing in ears and weird zaps all over me, i also find writing challenging which is super weird. But I am able to function thank goodness. I have not been to the doctor since as I felt like my GP was not listening to what was happening and brushed me off even on the phone consult, after fearing for my life that week i lost some faith in going back to her for answers after she told me to stay home. Now that I’m well enough I am curios if this sounds GBS like, as to me it is the only thing that fits. I find it super frustrating to not function as i normally do and very tired it would be good to talk to someone who knows about these things and get some understanding around what happened to me. Thanks so much warmest regards Mandy

      • Gareth Parry


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        Hi Mandy: All sounds pretty scary for you. I am not sure what is going on but I can say with confidence that it is not GBS. The cardinal manifestation of GBS is paralysis. While some of your symptoms such as pain can occur with GBS it would not occur in the absence of paralysis. There are a number of infections that are spread by mosquito bites such as dengue, zika and others which are extremely unpleasant and can cause many of the symptoms that you describe but are ultimately benign in the vast majority of people affected. I wonder if that might be what you have experienced. I urge you to talk to your doctor about it. It is impossible for me to make a confident diagnosis without seeing you. Gareth

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