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      • rex-buckley


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        I am still having difficulty with pain, vision, coordination etc and I feel it is now worse than it was when I was signed off by Middlemore Hospital in Aug 2020. I used to be able to mow the lawn a year ago and no have to use a stick constantly . Nights can be hell.
        I have requested seeing somebody through my doctor but so far have been turned down. How do I get somebody to look at me. I will try again with my Dr once I am able to go and see him face to face. I can’ adequately express the angst that I am having. I do not take much medication as my legs swelled up. Dare I say it but I take Tramadol when I wish to have relief. Yes I have read!

      • Gareth Parry


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        Unfortunately, I have no simple answer. Residual pain after GBS is not rare, affecting about 40% of patients. It is unusual for it to be as severe as you describe but certainly can happen. The good news is that it usually improves over time and, until it does, there are a number of treatments that can take the edge of the pain. You need to be insistent with your GP that follow-up with neurology is needed.

      • rex-buckley


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        Thank you. As I have read. Time. Like that piece of string. Just woken up from a heavy sleep. At times I feel like I am crying into the wind!!!

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