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      • Aimee


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        Hi Team,
        I’m wondering if someone can offer some insight. I’ve read the recently posted article re. Vaccines and GBS but I’m not sure what to do in my particular circumstances.
        I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant and have been told I should have the flu shot next week by my Obgyn after consultation with the medical team. I have never had a flu vaccine before as my GP had advised against it due to multiple autoimmune issues spanning the past 15 years – autoimmune pancreatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, antiphospholipid, and a history of immunosuppressant use (though not on any I/S meds at present) I am currently 2 years post initial GBS, however had a ‘flare/relapse’ in March 2019. My GBS was initially triggered by the flu (complicated with Pneumonia) and I’m feeling very reluctant at this point to get the vaccine as I really have no idea how my body will handle it.
        My Obgyn consulted with someone from the medical team but not a neurologist. My file has always said ‘avoid flu vax’ so I’m very reluctant to go ahead with the vax, especially in pregnancy. Can anyone offer advice?

      • Gareth Parry


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        While the benefits of vaccination, in the great majority of cases, far outweigh any risk there are exceptions. You history sounds complex with a host of autoimmune diseases. You have also been diagnosed with GBS but the occurrence of a relapse makes me doubt that diagnosis. Relapses in GBS are exceedingly rare and it is possible that you have a relapsing form of CIDP. Unfortunately, you are getting conflicting advice; one medical team recommending vaccination and your GP advising against it. I regret that it is not appropriate for me to comment on an individual case, particularly one so complex. You need to try to get your GP and the medical team managing your pregnancy on to the same page with regard to vaccination advice. Sorry to be of so little help.

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