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      • geoff-taylor


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        My mum had intense GBS due to flu shot, ~10yrs ago. Hospitalized with issues in feet, worked it’s way through to torso and hands. She had nerve issues from child (2yrs) after bad case of eczema. She has had issue connecting to you site, as she has reduced eyesight. But she has better questions & knowledge than myself. Is anyone able to call to discuss with her, or email her – I can provide her contact details.
        Thanks for you assistance.

      • Gareth Parry


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        I am sorry but this request is beyond the scope of the Medical Advisory Board. It could be seen as getting involved with the care of another doctor’s patient. I can say that having had GBS is not a reason not to get the COVID vaccine and that the severity of previous GBS does not increase the risk of getting vaccinated.

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