Brian Bennett

Brian Bennett is a GBS sufferer, and has some advice on foot problems:

The old foot problem. As you know its now 12 yrs since I had GB and I still have feet problems but by putting your feet in cold and then hot water several times it shocks them and helps reduce the heavy foot problem for a time.

SKINS, not sure if you have heard of these, but they are a tight fitting special garment that can be worn as a knee high (which I have) that help blood circulation and muscle development .and also help keep your legs warm. My legs are like ice so its been a help.

All sports people us them (rugby players in particular) and there is a web site: that will tell you all about them.

They are expensive, my ones cost $74 from Rebel Sport but worth it. Wished I had used these much earlier as it would have been a great help and stopped a bit of the pain…