• Suzie Mudge


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    Hi Shane, I endorse Gareth’s assessment that it sounds like you are experiencing fatigue, which is very common after GBS. We’ve just created a short information page about fatigue after GBS, which is a really good place to start: https://gbsnz.org.nz/how-you-can-manage-fatigue/ and there are links to other sites with good advice about managing advice (although the conditions might be different, the way to manage fatigue is quite similar).. We have recently run a study to try to improve fatigue after GBS and found that graduated activity helps but so do other strategies and sometimes people had to try out different strategies to see what worked best for them. My suggestion is just to try one thing at a time and see how you respond. If you feel like you need more help to manage it, you could see an occupational or physiotherapist experienced working with people with neurological conditions for some advice that is tailored more to your specific situation.