• Gareth Parry


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    Hi Shane: Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. Intermittent tingling and a sense of overwhelming fatigue do occur quite commonly after GBS, even when strength has recovered. It is a bit unusual for things to fluctuate so much with some near-normal days and others where you are seriously affected but I think it is most likely that what you are experiencing now is the result of that previous GBS. A much more difficult question is what can be done about it. Unfortunately, not much. I am going to ask my colleague, Dr Suzie Mudge to give you some advice about the fatigue management. Otherwise, it is just a matter of being patient. You are not yet a year out from your GBS attack and improvement is going to continue. It may take 2 years or even more before you get maximal recovery. I don’t know where you live but getting hooked up with a local support group can really help by seeing that others have had similar experiences and have come through it eventually. Gareth