• Gareth Parry


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    Hi Samantha: I am really sorry for the delay in answering your question. I asked the Occupational Therapy Department at Christchurch Hospital for their advive and this is what they said. “A return to driving requires medical clearance, at a minimum from the GP who will consider if there are any residual difficulties that may impact on driving such as upper limb weakness, reduced hand grip or reduced ability to quickly and accurate move your foot when seated. Fatigue and endurance also need to be considered and these can be difficult for the GP to assess in the office. Having up to date information from your physiotherapist and occupational therapist can assist the GP to make a decision. If they are unsure, you will be asked to do an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment. It is recommended that any recommendation/clearance to drive is provided in writing for your records.” The short answer is that you should check with your GP. If he/she is not happy to give you the clearance you should get a referral to the local OT people to get the formal assessment. Gareth