• Gareth Parry


  • #3009

    Hi Martina: So far, there have been over 20 million COVID vaccines administered worldwide and that number is increasing rapidly and yet here have been no cases of GBS or exacerbation of CIDP. It is not because people have not been looking; there have been close surveillance programs specifically looking for these complications. It can therefore be stated with confidence that the benefit of the COVID vaccines far outweigh any miniscule risk. As a frontline healthcare worker you are at a higher risk than the general population of being exposed to COVID, making it even more important that you protect yourself. I would also recommend that you reconsider your decision to avoid the flu vaccine. The risk of these vaccines is close to zero and in your work as a healthcare professional you will be exposed to the flu virus on a regular basis. As with the COVID vaccines, the benefit of flu vaccines far outweighs any risk.